78. Power to Transfer Proceedings

(1) The Commissioner may, after giving the parties a reasonable opportunity of being heard in the matter, by order in writing after recording his reason for so doing, transfer any proceedings or class of proceedings under any provision of this Act, from himself to any other officer and he may likewise transfer any such proceeding, including a proceeding pending with any officer or already transferred under this section, from any officer to any other officer.

(2) For the purpose of this section, any proceeding shall be deemed to have commenced only when any authority having appropriate jurisdiction issues notice under the provisions of this Act, rules or notifications and the proceedings shall be deemed to be pending only after issue of such notice.

(3) Where no proceedings are pending before any authority, then any authority having appropriate jurisdiction over a person or dealer, may initiate and complete any proceedings whatsoever.

Explanation: In this section, the word proceedings in relation to any dealer means all proceedings under this Act in respect of any year, which may be pending on the date of such order or which may have been completed on or before such date, and also includes all proceedings under this Act which may be commenced after the date of such order in respect of the said year in relation to such dealer.