Appeal, Revision and Review

72. Appeal to Deputy Commissioner and Joint Commissioner

(1) Subject to such rules as may be made by State Government under this Act, any dealer objecting to an order of assessment or an order levying interest or penalty passed by the prescribed authority against him, or an order under section 25 or a person objecting to an order of penalty passed against him or an order under section 47 may appeal to the Joint Commissioner, or, the Deputy Commissioner specially authorized in this behalf.

(2) No appeal under sub-section (1) shall be admitted unless the dealer objecting to an order of assessment has paid twenty-five percent of the tax assessed or full amount of admitted tax whichever is higher.

(3) Every appeal under this section shall be filed, in such form and the manner, as may be prescribed, within forty-five days of the receipt of the notice of demand but where the appellate authority is satisfied that the appellant had sufficient reason for not preferring the appeal within time, it may condone the delay.

(4) The appellate authority while disposing of an appeal against an order, other than an order under section 47, may —

(a) (i) confirm, annul, reduce, enhance or otherwise modify such order; or

(ii) set aside the order directing the authority below to make fresh order after further enquiry on specific points as directed; and

(b) in other cases, pass such order as it may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, deem fit.

(5) No order under this section shall be passed without giving reasonable opportunity of hearing to the appellant as also the authority whose order has been appealed against.