5. Fees.

(1) The fees payable in pursuance of the various provisions of the Act and these rules shall be as mentioned in Annexure ‘A’.

(2) The fees payable in pursuance of the Act or any rule made or notification issued thereunder shall be paid into the Public Account of India:

Provided that the fees payable to the Registrar may be paid also through postal orders (where the amount involved does not exceed fifty rupees) or through bank drafts payable at and/or drawn on post offices or banks, as the case may be, located at the same city or town where the office of the Registrar is situated:

Provided further that, where a fee payable to the Registrar is paid through postal orders or bank drafts as aforesaid, it shall not be deemed to have been paid unless and until the relevant postal orders or drafts are cashed and the amount credited:

Provided also that, where application is filed through electronic media or through any other computer readable media, the user may choose any one of the following payment options namely, (i) Credit Card; or (ii) Internet Banking; or (iii) Remittance at the Bank Counter; or (iv) any other mode as approved by the Central Government.